Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Modi blames Congress for battering Indian economy

File of Narendra Modi at a Mumbai rally (Pic: Imtiyaz Shaikh)
NEW DELHI (AA) - Indian Prime Ministerial candiate Narendra Modi has accused the current Congress-led federal coalition of creating an atmosphere of despair with its economic policies. 
The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate told a gathering of industry leaders in Gandhinagar, capital of Gujarat, that India has become a "country of under-achievers" because of the economic policies and inaction of the federal government.
“There is a need to shake off this despair. An atmosphere of confidence and trust is very important in India now,” said Modi.
The four-time Gujarat chief minister singled out Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress' vice-President Rahul Gandhi, who is likely to be named as the party’s prime ministerial candidate on Friday.
“The Prime Minister likes to speak about ‘inclusive growth. Until we create opportunities for the poor through education, how can it happen?" said Modi.
In an apparent dig at Gandhi, Modi said India must be run by decision-makers. “It has become fashionable now to run away from responsibility,” he said.
Gandhi, who hinted at his desire become his party’s prime ministerial candidate on Tuesday for the first time, is often criticized by his opponents and political rivals for not “accepting responsibility” within the government.
The 63-year-old Modi presented his economic vision on a day when the World Bank projected India’s economy to grow at over 6% in 2014-15 and 7.1% by 2016-17 with the help of recovering global demand and domestic investment increases.
The World Bank's Global Economic Prospects report released on Wednesday attributed weak growth in South Asia to India’s stunted economic performance.

India's economy has suffered from steep currency depreciation and the withdrawal of foreign capital amid fears of policy paralysis ahead of this summer's scheduled general election. 
Anadolu Agency, January 15, 2014

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