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Liberhan Commission, Babri Masjid: A Historical Perspective

December 6, 1992: Hindu fanatics celebrating demolition of Babri Masjid at Ayodhya

Had Zahiruddin Mohammed Badshah Ghazi, popularly known as Babar, been alive today, he would be certainly ashamed of modern India. A mosque built in his name razed by Hindu fundamentalists has become a functioning temple but yet it is termed as a “disputed structure.” Babar would have certainly argued with the present rulers that his medieval India was far better than the modern India in terms of justice. In Babar’s India, there was no such thing called as “delayed justice” or “judicial delay.” Justice Manmohan Singh Liberhan Commission of Inquiry has taken 17 long years just to ascertain events leading to the demolition of Babri Masjid. Babar would have decided the fate of the so-called “disputed structure” in 17 minutes! Politicians, judges, bureaucrats, journalists all love to use the “disputed structure” tag; it in fact gives them a legitimate right to feel ‘secular.’ Their “secularism” will pale when one compares Babar’s conception of secularism. For Babar, secularism did not mean separation of religion from the state but rather equal respect for all religions.

The secularism of Babar is hidden in a forgotten document. It could be a commandment of good governance for leaders like L.K. Advani.

Babar had drafted a secret will much before his death for his son Prince Nasiruddin Muhammad Humayun. In this will, there is a lesson for each politician father and a politician son. An extract of the will reads:

“Oh son! The Kingdom of India is full of different religions. Praised be to God that He bestowed upon you its sovereignty. It is incumbent on you to wipe all religious prejudices off the tablet of your heart, administer justice according to the ways every religion. Avoid especially the sacrifice of the cow by which you can capture the hearts of the people of India and subjects of this country may be bound up with royal obligations. Do not ruin temples and shrines of any community which is obeying the laws of Government. Administer justice in such a manner that the King be pleased with the subjects and the subjects with the King. The cause of Islam can be promoted more by the sword of obligation than by the sword of tyranny.”
(A copy of this will used to be in the possession of the late Dr. Balkrishna, Principal, Rajaram College , Kolhapur).

Can a father who abhors ruining temples and shrines of other religions build a mosque in his name after demolishing a temple?

Babri Masjid was possibly built by a courtesan Mir Baqi on the instructions of Babar in the 1528 at Ayodhya. There is historical evidence in the form of inscriptions inside the mosque to support the assumption that it was constructed on the order of Babar. Also there is nothing in history that suggests that Babar ever visited Ayodhya. A complete and close reading of Babarnama shows that Babar was encamped north of Aud on March 28 1528. According to one historian Babar was encamped at the junction of the rivers Sirda and Gagra. On April 2, Babar went out to hunt in the area north of the camp. Babar must have left the encampment, as he records on March 28, 1528 that he had asked to find ways to cross the river. We are forced to doubt if Babar ever went to Ayodhya. So the question of demolishing a temple at Ayodhya does not arise.

So with Liberhan Commission, Indian Muslims have been awarded with one more inquiry report. Will it suffer the fate of Sri Krishna Commission report? Going by the history of promise and subsequent betrayals by the government, the four-volume report will gather dust in the dustbin of history. First government needs to clear speck of dust from earlier inquiry commissions and reports concerning Indian Muslims. Successive Congress governments have been extremely good in documenting Muslim issues but the true intent of any government is measured by the pace of implementation. Congress will once again show Indian Muslims bubbles of hope but alas bubbles don’t last a lifetime. For last 60 years, Indian Muslims have been appeased with bubbles.

The role of the judiciary in Babri Masjid episode has come under sharp criticism. Strangely enough, Pakistan has done better than India on this front. The story of
Lahore’s Shahidganj Masjid is Ayodhya in reverse. All the elements of Ayodhya case were present. A mosque in adverse possession of Sikhs was demolished. Muslims agitated and there was involvement of religious figures. Muslims were frustrated by the court decision. It upheld that the title of ownership was no longer in Muslim hands and therefore Sikhs were entitled to whatever they liked to do with the structure. Muslims decided to move in the Punjab Assembly to enact legislation for the takeover of the site. They all failed. But the situation was not reversed even after the establishment of Pakistan. To this day, when there is hardly anyone to visit it, the Gurdwara Shahidganj stands in Lahore as it did before August 15 1947.

In Babri Masjid case, the ownership of the land was in Muslim hands. It is a wakf property and according to section 51 of Wakf Act 1995, wakf property cannot be transferred to ‘Nyas’ (Shri Ramjanambhumi Nyas) for Ram temple construction.

In the Shahidganj case the judiciary acted impartially and speedily. In the Ayodhya case, Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer had angrily remarked: “The judiciary will be described as villain of the piece.”

According to Ms. Anju Gupta, the then superintendent of the police, Faizabad, Police had foreknowledge of the Babri Masjid demolition. Deposing before the Liberhan Commission in May 1994, she told that on December 5, 1992, the then inspector general of police, Faizabad zone, had warned officers of his department that there was clear indication from intelligence agencies that the disputed shrine would be attacked on December 6. She had told the commission that L.K. Advani expressed his desire to go to the area to stop the Kar Sevaks but she was discouraged by SP of Intelligence, PAC (Provincial Armed Constabulary). Ms. Gupta told the commission that Advani had in her presence said that temple would be constructed at the very spot and the same was repeated by Murli Manohar Joshi, accepting that they were pleased with the actions of Kar Sevaks. The Bajrang Dal leader, Vinay Katiyar, had mocked Mulayam Singh Yadav by saying over the public speaking system ‘Yahan parinda par nahi maar sakta.’

Will Manmohan Singh speak with clarity of thought over Ayodhya issue? One is reminded of what Jyoti Basu had said on December 9, 1992 regarding the makeshift construction by kar sevaks. “It is an illegal construction and government has every right to demolish it.” When he was asked about the possible Hindu backlash, Basu was honest and blunt, “Let there be repercussions from the Hindu fundamentalists. My party will support any government willing to bring down the structure erected by demolishing the shrine.”

Men like Basu are becoming a rare breed in Indian politics.

Can Prime Minister Manmohan Singh do a Jyoti Basu in 2009?

Sunday Inquilab, July 5, 2009


Anubha said...

Those offering 'puja' there have got to be 'Ravan bhaktas' not 'Raam bhaktas'.

vaseem007 said...

well drafted article...well said...these things will make the nation shame...we must live with peace and harmony. Every religion is the religion of India and we must not let down the others religion by these kind of blind people.

tajatm said...

we must satisfy according to the judgement of the supreme court

Kiran said...

bharath was a country with a heritage and culture. the unique culture that exists in our country is the Hindu Culture... The whole country's ownership lies with the Great, Great rishis and saints who extablished the principles of our culture, that made us Unique.
And what has happened is that after bhrath became India, the identity of our culture is lost. All those places and things that made our country Unique were filled in with bloody traitors...
For all those men, lemme say, whatever/whoever be the one that makes wounds in da minds ov a real bharath will suffer the same

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunday Gentleman,

I agree that right-wing people are stoking hatred and communalism by these barbaric acts.

But if you delve in to root-cause of the problem, you will realize that we don't have moderate Muslim and Hindu leaders who have enough clout to solve this issue amicably. When everyone has a right to practice hi religion/faith why should we behave like fanatics and fundamentalists, wasting our time to prove our allegiance to our religion through blood-shed.

And by the way you deductive reasoning that an unknown historical piece of writing which declares Babar to be secular means that some fanatic has not destroyed the temples. If Hindu fundamentalists can destroy mosque in secular India, what to say about the things in the medieval period.

This kind of reasoning serves the agenda of fundamentalists who want to solve this issue by fighting.

If you had exhorted the moderates on both side to expedite the process of reconciliation, and thus allowing the people to concentrate on development needs, it would have a great service to India

Anonymous said...

The Author himself is a muslim fanatic. The blog clearly shows his hope that the decision is in favour of Muslim. India a.k.a Hindustan is the home of Hindus. Your ancestors dwelled across the world and brought you people into our land. This is not your home and you people have no claim on our Bharath. Its our Country and Our country would be much more prosperous without you people. You people are like to HIV to India.

Anonymous said...

Comment my post if you can stand criticism and if you are really secular.

Anonymous said...

"conversion by the sword theory"

read this wiki. Its not a article its wiki

Alok said...

Ranjanm Bhumi 24 Sept: Bhagwan ram ka aastitwa aaj aaj hamare liye behad jaruri hai ye hamare aastha ka pratik hai babar na to hamare desg ka tha. wha ek bhabya manditr banega sunhara sapna pura hoga, aur hum us mandir me aapna matha tekenge aur ise koi rok nahi sakta

Anonymous said...

WHO HAVE THE RIGHT OVER india,IS IT THE iNDIANS OR THE INVADORS.Iam not sure if all the muslims now in India were Hindus before Moghul Invasion.So lets not make a fuss , we are all one,donot kill each other for some disputed structure

Brijesh Gaur said...

Kashi Kaba ek hai ek hai Ram-Rahim.

Anonymous said...

why should we bear everytime, this is a power of hindu that that he can do everything. either this is ramjanm bhumi aur krishn janm bhumi. hum kasam ramki khate hai mandir vahin banayenge.

nadeem kst said...

If the question is that babri masjid is built by invaders the mughal rulers so it should not have to be in india then being indians we have to demolish all the monuments built by the mughal rulers and other invaders even the TAJ MAHAL and other.if not then then the place should be handover to muslims as they have the full right to built a new BABRI MASJID .

Anonymous said...

Its not about Mughal ruler its abt the major population of india and thier god.No one is authorise to dominate them not even muslims.

SANIA said...

I dont think that any religion says that we should fight and kill our frds because of these religious issuses..........
in islam it is clearly said that to prove that u r a muslim u first need to offer namaz,study quran...........n insan muslman insaniyat se banta hai .............toh yaha ladai karne se insaniyat kaha gayi?
logo ko marne mai kaha ki insaniyat?

aur mujhe nahi lagta k koi aur religion yeh kehta hai k logo ko maarne se unki bhakti ka pta chalta hai........
toh we all should b clam.........n love n respect each other n their religions.

Anonymous said...

I really like if we demolish all mosque even taj mahal.I dont care.

fayaz45 said...

insha Allah , supreme curt order must be to regain the babari masjid...brothers and sisters pray hardly to get our babari masjid mosque..salam

Debopam said...

see this is Hindustan for hindus...tat doesnt mean i hate muslims....but if u r 2 live in our country...stick with us.....babri masjid demolition was right .... if again it is built will again b demolished.... see yourself...see your quam .... blood in blood out tats wat u do and u had the full mughal dynasty....then use the term hindu-fanatics....

samm said...

aaj ke muslim 500-600 saal pahle hindu the so they must respect hinduism.agar hum hindu issi tarah se santi ke naam per chup baithe rahe to ek din hamara sub kuch muslimo ke hatha me hoga.500 saal pahale aaye phir is desh ke ek hishe ko apna bana liya aur naam diya pakistan aur ab ye hamare desh me rah kar bhi manmani kar rahe hai.
jai shri ram

Anonymous said...

why these muslims try to find allah in and around hindu temples only? is it because they could not give shape to him? even in mathura the mosque is built next to temple wall. forget about that in my small village vishnu temple was demolished by the same assholes and built mosque on that. even today dome of the mosque is supported by vishnu temple pillars. the shank ( conch) and chakra ( wheel) the symbols of vishnu are still present on the walls of the so called mosque. we should kick these bastards out of india.

shaurabh said...

i totally agreeing with sania view and lets take one step ahead and bring peace to this country....

obaid khan said...

Before any further comment All Hindus should know about their religion what the Hindu religious scripture says:-

BRAHMSUTRA of Hindus is :-



Then why hindus offering puja of many GODS(RAM,KRISHN SHIV,etc).



Why Hindus are making god's images?

Anonymous said...

every action have equal and opposite reaction.What Muslim rulers done in India,the same things are happening from Hindus with the equal force.It will happen ..nobody can resist !!

Anonymous said...

babri masjid musalmano ki thi,hai aur hamesha rahegi insha allah aaj saari duniya mein musalmano ko terrorist kaha ja raha hai is ki wajah babri masjid hai agar islam ke dushman babri masjid ko shahid na kiya hota to aaj saari duniya mein chaino sukoon hota is liye babri masjid phir se tamir karana bahut zaroori hai insha allah.... allah musalmano ko sabar ki toufeeq de allah hu akbar allah ek hai aur mohammed (saw) allah ke rasool hai aur mitti ke patthar ke khuda jhoote hain aur mahammed(saw)ko allah ne saare aalem ke insaano ke liye rahmath banaya hai subhan allah...main mahtab ahmed yeh elaan karta hoon
qubul kerle islam kiyun ki insaano ki nijath aur sukoon islam hai allah saare aalem ke insaano ko islam qubul karneki hidayath de (aameen)(aameen)(aameen)

musalmaan said...

reply to anonymous:-we muslims don't try to find allah around hindu temples only u bloke..allah is everywhere!!!u bastards will never understand the meaning of u consider ram as your god!!! d hell is your religion that ur so called god has to marry???hahaha!!!no..i mean seriously dude..what kind of god he must be that he has to DOUBT the chastity of his own wife!!!!!if he were god,wud'nt he know whats goin on in sita's life..or do u consider god to be like another human???
india is a land of different religions..n since u rascals can't control your birth rate n does'nt mean u r d rulers around in here!!!we will fight for babri masjid!!!

shibram said...

all the arguments that I see above are towards threatening peace. Most of the thoughts are fundamental in nature.
I would request you all to think towards establishing peace. No more bloodshed please !!
Arguing on what has happened 500 years back, or 18 years back will only further heat the situation.

Anonymous said...

This message is only for Alok(From Gorakpur U.P.)
bosideke, Madar chod...Tu saley engineer ho te huve bhi unpard gavar jaisi baatein kar raha hai..400 sau sal se tumare jaise log so rahe teh ya.. babar ne tumari gaand me bumbo dala that ki awaz nahi nikhal rahi thi....

Today common man is just interested in earning their daily living. We as indian should only think about progress of our nation, not about fight with each other. people like alok they are educated but they have not learned any lesson from the bristish raj...

message from an ordinary indian

Santosh said...

My dear friend Obaid,

If I start explaining about the no. of Hindu god's, this space will not be sufficient..coz., our god's has taken different AVATARs for different reasons to demolish the devils from time to time. OK, and moreover why r u raising this question...what will you do..??? So, pls dont question other religions existence and facts. If you know Quran very well then follow it, if you can. I dont think even 2% of Muslims follow Quran or they know what exactly Quran says.

Anonymous said...

Past is past let we all together dont forget Hindu Muslim Bhai... Bhai...Let we all follow according to the judgement.

pulkitjain said...

all the wrath about BAABRI masjid is just waste of time
taking enimity for such small reasons is a waste of time
when we are born in 20th century,how can we even speculate about whether BABAR built the mosque by demolishing a hindu temple or a new place

i truly agree with nadeem saying that if demolishing babri masjid is a solution then why not handover all muslim places to them

earth is a place to live guys
live and enjoy
i being hindu believe that the place shold be handed over to muslims for rebuilt of babri masjid

even if u people think babar did wrong ,why do u people do same

still i serioously believe that the biggest terrorist groups are being run by muslims
my muslims brothers should seriously anticipate that

Anonymous said...

y this bul shit coments, hindustan is for hindus just kik the ass off all non hindus from this country, if u dont do this others will kik all the hindus from india, they started from afganistan, which was buddiest country, pakistan, kashmir, they r spreding like HIV virus, which have only precoution and no treatment

khawaja said...

im not agree with him that muslims were hindus,if hindusum was best then why they embrace islam place was our,is and inshaallah will our

Anonymous said...

i can say one thing JAI SRI RAM ,,,hinduism the one and only oldest of the all religions will remain the same even though crores of babars inavade nothing will be done to this religion JAI SEETHA RAM JAI HANUMAN JAI HINDUISM

Anonymous said...

this so called self proclaimed sunday gentleman is nothing but a shit. u can make all fuss and praise Mr. babar but we all know what he did to the aboriginals of this country. Even after ASI found the evidence of a temple in the disputed land, these mullas are hoping that they can make others believe their lies just because they have some voting power... and can be king maker in the central govt. These people fund all the terrorist activities in India and want a respectable share in our country... This multi-tasker journalist is nothing but a speaker for them.

Rehan Malik said...

we must satisfy according to the judgement of the supreme court...

Anonymous said...

i think no religion can be established on the pile of dead bodies. whoever have done whatsoever 500 600 years back they are no more. we are here in this world made of god to live with humanity.

and we should mean it.

Mayank said...

Dear Hindus, Muslims and Indians

Please try and understand that any such kind of act is never acceptable no matter a person of any religion does that.

I feel very bad when i read all the comments. No one among us , reading or putting comments on this article were there and i m sure would never participate in such kind of INSANE activities.

Which means that out of millions of Muslims and Hindus in India only few hundreds of such people were involved in that act. So clearly its just POLITICS. Understand that Hindus and Muslims have no good reason to fight with each other in INDIA.

Coming on to the religion part, Its just to keep us in discipline.

I still very strongly say that be it a Muslim or Hindu, the educated ones would not even give a damn about this.

God Bless Muslims and Hindus.

Indian Citizen

Anonymous said...

Say no to temple or Mosque.. just make a hospital in this site to serve the community which can save hundreds of lives each day...

Anonymous said...

Ram ka janma hua hai to sari jagaha Ram ki hai. To mandir ham Kahi bhi bana sakate hai.

Barbar to baharse aya tha.

Anonymous said...

Shahrukh said
my hindu and muslim brothers ... there is no point fighting like this. we wont get any sloution we will kill our self and others. india is a secular country and we all should be united as one, what ever may be the verdict we werent present in the past so we just cant believe whatever the media or anyone says.The world and INDIA needs human being and not fanatic people.

America said...

doesn't matter from whose site the decision comes...matter does is after that what?? just keep calm, think on it. & then take your decision...because ultimately it is gonna make problem for you only!
your family might will suffer from it!

Anonymous said...


sai said...

hindustan is a home for hindus ad we deserve to stay here.when barber ad his people came here,we invited them as our guest,unknowingly that this newly guest will cheat us some day ad now this matter of Ayodhya is as important as a heart to a human being for all our hindu brothers so i heartly wish to get back our God RAMS birth place.......

Anonymous said...

Ask the Kerala govt to open a bevco (Foreign liquor retail outlet run by Kerala Govt)outlet. Religion is a medium through which people learn discipline, patience and brotherhood. The above said qualities is clearly seen at all the bevco outlets.

Nirvaan said...

I would like to post a simple comment.....i love history, and have been extremely fascinated by the Mughals....True, They were invaders, but they were by no means the first muslims in India....neither were they plunderers... They came to establish empire, and so they did, for a glorious 300 years... Emperor Akbar had a temple constructed for his Hindu wife in his fort.....

This speaks volumes about there respect for other religions. Babur may not have personally liked the Hindus for being idolatrous, but he didn't advocate hatred towards them. So much so, that the L.K. Advani of that time, Rana Sanga, wasn't able to establish his 'Hindu Empire', against Babur...

And let me say, the fanatics of both religions are the HIV to Indian unity, not the muslims alone...

When will we leave behind racial and religious biases and live as indians???? and not as Muslims and hindus or parsis or christians....

We are one, A country, A people, A culture, so let us respect that...please..

Sudeep said...

'i must say to the 'Hindu' fundamentalists who demolish mosque

"maa nishaadaa"

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to reply to "nadeem kst" and for the fellows who supported him so bluntly.

Nadeem, You spoke about Taj Mahal and demolishing it when BABRI was done so..?
As always like BABARI,you guys have taken over a Shiv Temple and fooled the entire world that it was a tomb.
It is actually a Verdict Temple.
Do you know that? Read this link

If you want and try to get the books of Stephen (who visited India during 14th century) and Mr.Oak who details it.

Due to political reasons the daughter of first prime minister has threatened not to sell the books of Mr.Oak

To All,

We are ruined, our peace is demolished with blood sheds, it is all not because of religious fundamentalists or fanatics.
Its just because of Politics and inglorious "politicians".

Jai Hind!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to reply to "nadeem kst" and for the fellows who supported him so bluntly.

Nadeem, You spoke about Taj Mahal and demolishing it when BABRI was done so..?
As always like BABARI,you guys have taken over a Shiv Temple and fooled the entire world that it was a tomb.
It is actually a Verdict Temple.
Do you know that? Read this link

If you want and try to get the books of Stephen (who visited India during 14th century) and Mr.Oak who details it.

Due to political reasons the daughter of first prime minister has threatened not to sell the books of Mr.Oak

To All,

We are ruined, our peace is demolished with blood sheds, it is all not because of religious fundamentalists or fanatics.
Its just because of Politics and inglorious "politicians".

Jai Hind!

Anonymous said...

Hare Rama Hare Krishna Hare Ram

There is a strong possibility that this site can become a cornerstone for peace and harmony for Muslim Hindu interactions in india.
This peace and harmony can become an example for the world.

from Suren
South Africa

Anonymous said...

kuch bhi kahiye par ab faisla aa jane ke baad to ye musalmano ko bhi manna padega ki wo jhooth ki taraf se lad rahe the,hindu sach ke sath,darasal waha to mandir toda bhi nahi gaya bas upar gumbaj bana ke kah diya ki masjid hai,agar musalman sach ke saath rahte to unhe ye faisla thik nahi lagta par sabhi musalman kah rahe hai ki hum faisle ki izzat karte hai,matlab wo jhoot bol rahe the,musalman jhoote hote hi hai jyadatar,mai ye nahi kah raha ki sabhi par jyadatar,desh ka samay aur paisa barbad kiya itne dino tak,musalman desh ki barbadi chahte hi hai andar se,upar se chahe kitna bhi buttering kare jaan ke dar se.

Simha Reddy said...

We will kill blody muslim bastads

Anonymous said...

aey musalmano apna iman pakka rakho.khudda hamari madad karega.wahan fir se banegi babri masjid.jahan hum kya unka ram bhi sajda karega.inshallah.ameen.............

Anonymous said...

Read this wiki link,

muzlims are in a single work "Blood Suckers", they domolished all the temples, looted, raped, coverted and built mosques on temples,and now talk about Secular way of getting right. We are going to get all our temples back demolishing all your mosques.

Jai Shri Ram

Anonymous said...

we have to learn from history but unfortunately....most of the so called muslims are converts who were once hindus ...conversion was used as tool to unstabilise india as is still practiced...present day christian conversion is happening with foriegn funds....the goal of many greedy countries like US and china is to ensure India does not become a super power..that is the reason u see US hypocracy and Chinese scheming from time to time by supporting pakistan using them like pawn....others religions are thriving in india becoz of majority hindus being moderate..but being moderate to an extent where the other come and start commanding in ur own home is unacceptable//...i want to ask a simple question to all muslims whether a hindu temple is acceptable next to mecca...i am sure the ans will be no... same is the case with us.....we live in so much tension when muslims are minority ..imagine if they were wud be world disaster.the fact is muslims are ideal in minority and a PLAGUE CHOLERA in majority ..they cannot live in peace and they had terrorised the whole world ... i appeal to corrupt and power hungry politicians of india are inching this country towards disaster..just to appease minority you dont care for the sentiments of this democracy....your days are numbered..we need a strong bold leader who dont shy to take decision ...take away the voting right of minority and i want to see how many so called secular leaders survive after bank politics my ass/////the question is why muslims are so particular about this mosque...the fact is this mosque was built by babar after demolishing many many temples throughtout country...if some body says there is no fact..then he is kidding..the asi had given ample evidence there existed temple before mosque. QUESTION IS WHY THIS MOSQUE HAS SO MUCH PROMINENCE this mosque had prominence as it was symbol of muslim dominance over hindus..symbol of mughal dynasty.. becoz this is on Ramjanma bhoomi ..and we consider Ram as incarnation of what has happened to this mosque razed to dont play with hindu sentiments...dont push us to hard that we loose our patience.

Prashant said...

Guys, read complete history of India. I mean complete, not the ones narrated to you by NCERT which was rigged by gov. As the classroom text we read a great deal of all ages except midieval India. That's the work of NCERT, in 1942 NCERT passes resolutions not to teach history of last 1000years in India. Hence, U know about all about German atrocities of 2nd world war but not about India.

All the muslim kings right from the age of Mohamad-bin-kasim was looking for is "Dar-Ul-Islam" which they could not set up in India. After more then 400y of battering India (starting about 768-1198AD) till Qutubudin-Aibak set foot on Delhi. He made a mosque in Delhi after demolishing Jain and Hindu temple in Delhi to commemorate his victory, Mosque named Quat-ul-Islam (meaning victory of Islam). This is the mosque in the Qutub-Minar Complex. same as Qutub minar's face was changed to make it a Muslim monument (which was a hindu Vijay stumbh- Ample Archeological evidence of this is there, but gov wants to shut it down). Like wise many other monuments, especially the ones that fetched money (basic purpose was looting) to fill the pocket and also fund to deface the monument. Most examples of this was Taj Mahal itself, Lal-Kot (Red fort etc.

Ram-Janamsthal Temple was build during the reign king Govind Chandra Gharhwal (AD 1114 to 1154) of Kanauj and later Varanashi. This temple too had Golden Sphere and src of lots of riches. Mathura Temple, Gyan-Bapi temple-Varanashi etc also have the same fate.

If U muslims read the complete history of India, will agree that midieval India was more savage mainly perpetrated by muslims. Please trace back you faimly history, and will agree that somewhere your ancestors were also on the point of sword were made to accept Islam. And Invaders did not stop there, they never gave place to you all among themselves. They always called U muslims as "zimmis", meaning not-original. These zimmis did not pay Jiziya, but were never given important position in Gov or any civil services. In fact one of you zimmis also tried to rule Delhi, but was assassinated within 6 months and afgan rule was restored on Delhi.

U guys are also luckey, that men like Gandhi thought on your behalf and let U share fate with India. Else you also would have been a Muhajir in the state of you choice Pak-Istan (Pure Land: where only muslims are there, meaning Dar-ul-Islam) .. India still remains Dal-Ul-Harab (in a common muslims views).

Please take initiative and know yourself, I am sure you would conclude what we concluded long time back.

samiuddin said...

samiuddin said
this is reply to simha reddy

Arey madar chod i will come to your home and i will fuck your mother sisters wife even your your grand mother also. madar chod you dont know who is ur god because you r doing pooja of an elephant, pig monkey,cow,donkey you first decide to whom you have to worship other wise i will fuck you

samiuddin said...

this is reply to simha reddy

Arey madar chod i will fuck your wife sisters mother and even your grand mother also. bastard you don't know to which god your worshiping because you are doing the pooja of an elephant monkey pig cow donkey rat etc. first decide who r you what r u doing bastard don't slip your tongue other wise i will fuck in Ur mouth. be careful gandu donga Na kodka lanja kodaka Ne ammane denga lavadaga

Anonymous said...

shanti--to all

rohan said...

Babar invaded India and became its ruler by winning a battle which in those days was a very legal form of takeover.At the time the temple was demolished he 'was' the government..Also bear in mind that the concept of india/indians was started by british (long after babar)and there wasnt any country called india before them.''We cannot let the injustice of past be used as a right for injustice on the present''.If present day indians wanted india to be hindustan and not a secular country then the 80% hindu population would NOT have voted the BJP out of power.

Anonymous said...

Great thanks to Mr. Advani , With his Great Courage along with the support of RSS, Shiv Sainkas , SO called Babri Masjid was demolished in 1992.

Otherwise Allahabad High cour wouldn't have got the Opportunity to do Archeological Dept to do the investigation below the Babri Masjid for the existence of Lord Rama's Temple.

If they wouldn't have demolished then ,Yesterday's High court verdict would have been different.

We got back our Ram Janma Bhumi back to Hindus.

This is just an example , There so Many temples , forts , great places in india were the target for so called Islam Idiotic leaders during there worst rule in India.

Anonymous said...


tu kaha se aya tu jaanta hai
tu hamare ram ko
hamara dharam ko gaaliyan dera
teri aukat kya yeh hindustan me
ja teri maa bahen ko lekar sheiko k pas tumari muslim countries me
siva teri maa bahein ko bistar k alava aur kuch nahi denge
hum yaha nari jaat ki jo izzat karte hain tumare baab k baab babar ne b nahi ki hongi

saket said...

i dont know why hindus are always given less priority in India, the politicians ,the media show all kind of sympathy towards muslims for everything.they try to win their heart by cheating themselves. all hindus who dont believe in Ramjanmabhoomi and Ram sethu , on what basis do they follow hinduism.i have never seen a Muslim supporting hindus on this cause but i see many Hindus supporting Muslims,and that too when a majority of hindus believe that Lord Ram was born there.
With due respect to islam as me being a hindu, i go to Temple,i go to Dargha as well. i wanna ask My muslim brothers one last question why have you people not reacted and protested when Taliban has destroyed the huge Buddha statue in Afganistan which is also equally wrong in all means.

And i lastly request all the people who try to act as if they care for muslims please donot pretend, infact u guys are troubling them more by pinching on their wound by reminding the again and again about past.let us join hands solve this issue peacefully.

Anonymous said...

I suggest we send Muslims to where they belong... the caves of Afghanistan, the Arab lands and of course the Middle East... let them leave India in peace...

Let them watch a 1000 Babri masjids destroyed in their own country their own people!!!!!

Tyranny in the name of religion has been tolerated long enough in India... enough.

Anonymous said...

I have only one line to say "MadarC**D Babar and Kattar Mullahs "

yassir said...




MohShaJam said...

At Present where the rule of law is there no one can claim another person`s land, if so the person move the court to get justice. But in medieval time where " MIGHT IS RIGHT" the king is the supreme judge over his kingdom. But to encroached to another kingdom he has to go through war. Victory means rights and authority over that kingdom.
Similarly Babur invasion to expand his empire, no hindu ruler could put a stop to him and his successors to established the empire which is now the major part of modern India. Thus the Mughals rulers have all the rights, power and Authority over their own empire.( Had the Hindu Rulers unite then they could have short live Moghals ruled)
When Hindus could not unite mughals defeated one by one and expand their kingdom through out this country except most part of south and North Eastern region (because the British have started gaining power and influence)
When the British colonised major portion of our country was under the mughals and muslims ruled states. Then our country finally came under British ruled
With the dawn of the 20th century people started realising the importance of independence and people from different regions and religions unite together for one reason that is Independence.
So,India is for Indians not for any particular religion. Different existing religions were there in India long before the mughals invasion. There was no clear cut boundaries nor the word India was there even before the British Raj.
We all Indians were slaves under British before Independence. So any particular slaves religion cannot rightful claim our Country. We were all slaves then and we are all master of our own land now.
So, stop calling each other by religion, If we cannot live and tolerate or be in peace at home, The Threat from outside is never far.

Anonymous said...

Note:one day we all can see hindus and other religion peoples either become muslims or christians.then their will be a big war between christians or muslims.Thats the future of man kind.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

fuk u musalman motherfuckerzz...suck on ur mohammed's fuckin dick...n leave diz country..before ur existence gets completely destroyed...

Anonymous said...

hindu muslman bhai bhai

Anonymous said...

Dear hindu peoples isme tumhari galti nahi bhi paththar tumhe pasand aa jaye to tum use bhagwan maan lete ho..wo do chor "vyas" aur "walmiki" ne kahani likh di to kya kahaniyon ko tum sach maan loge...koi raam zandu balm paida nahi hua tha..tum logo ko itna dimag nahi ke bhagwan nirakaar hota hai to kyu usko aakar dete ho.bhagwan kya hsaadi karte hai kya? tum pagal logone sab jaanwaro ko apna bhagwan maan liya hai...tum log sai baba ko to mante ho na.wo kya kehte the hamesha ye to sab ko hi pata "sabka malik ek hai".."Allah malik"
...unhone kabhi raam ya krishna maalik hai aisa kaha kya?

arfath hussain said...

(Tu Hindu Banega Na Musalamaan Banega
Insaan Ki Aulaad Hai, Insaan Banega)\-2

(Achchha Hai Abhi Tak Tera Kuchh Naam Nahin Hai
Tujh Ko Kisi Mazhab Se Koi Kaam Nahin Hain)\-2
Jis Ilm Ne Insaan Ko Taqseem Kiya Hai
Us Ilm Ka Tujh Par Koi Ilzaam Nahin Hai
Tu Badale Hue Waqt Ki Pahechaan Banega
Insaan Ki Aulaad Hai, Insaan Banega
Tu Hindu Banega Na Musalamaan Banega
Insaan Ki Aulaad Hai, Insaan Banega

(Maalik Ne Har Insaan Ko, Insaan Banaaya
Ham Ne Use Hindu Ya Musalamaan Banaaya)\-2
Qudarat Ne Bakshi Thi Hamen Ek Hi Dharati
Ham Ne Kahin Bhaarat, Kahin Iraan Banaaya
Jo Tod De Har Band, Wo Toofaan Banega
Insaan Ki Aulaad Hai, Insaan Banega
Tu Hindu Banega Na Musalamaan Banega
Insaan Ki Aulaad Hai, Insaan Banega

(Nafarat Jo Sikhaaye, Wo Dharam Tera Nahin Hai
Insaaf Jo Ronde,Wo Qadam Tera Nahin Hai)\-2
Qura'an Na Ho Jisame Wo Mandeer Nahin Tera
Geeta Na Ho Jisame Wo Haram Tera Nahin Hai
Tu Amn Ka Aur Sulah Ka Aramaan Banega
Insaan Ki Aulaad Hai, Insaan Banega
Tu Hindu Banega Na Musalamaan Banega
Insaan Ki Aulaad Hai, Insaan Banega

Ye Deen Ke Tajar,Ye Watan Bechane Waale
Watan Bechane Waale
Ye Deen Ke Tajar ,Ye Watan Bechne Waale
Insaan Ki Laashon Ke Kafan Bechne Waale
Qafan Bechane Waale
Insaan Ki Laashon Ke Kafan Bechne Waale
Ye Mahel Men Baithe Hue Qaatil Ye Looteren
(Kaanton Se Madh Rooh-E-Chaman Bechane Waale)\-2
Tu Un Ke Liye Mout Ka Elaan Banega
Insaan Ki Aulaad Hai, Insaan Banega
Tu Hindu Banega Na Musalamaan Ba