Monday, May 21, 2007

Hyderabad Blasts: Malegaon Syndrome Travels South

Holy Terror: People gather outside Mecca Masjid after the blasts
It was a blast from the recent past. The past was replicated with pure precision and exemplary execution. Past-precision is a lesson for those who are in the security business. It demands the attentive attention of capricious crooks (read not so-intelligent intelligence-wallas) to study the intricacies of the operation. Venerable vigilantes are taught not to allow history to repeat itself.

Sadly, history was (deliberately?) allowed to repeat itself in Hyderabad.

Malegaon syndrome travelled to South for the very first time.

RAW (Research Analysis Wing) proved to be really raw. Our ‘expert’ interceptors (now singing Aladdin’s magic phrase ‘Khul Ja SIM SIM’), did not behave like seasoned seismologists in predicting the unpredictable, so the doctrine of pre-emptive strikes (elimination by encounters) was not employed this time!

ATS (Anti-Terrorist Squad) was too busy proving in Supreme Court that it does not stand for Acquired Teasing Syndrome for the Muslim community!

So we were left with only R.K. Laxman’s common man to protect us!

Security agencies that have just come out of their hibernation mode are sniffing out the same old and ‘standard pattern’ once again. Our always hyper National Security Advisor (who recently panicked that terrorists are investing heavily in the stock markets without any substantiation) must introduce a new and broad pattern of investigation instead of selective intimidation.

The theorists of the old and standard pattern suggest that whatever happens in India (Prime Minister’s sneeze included!) is the ultimate outcome of the designs made on the other side of the border. And designs are implemented by the educated Muslim youths of the country. Isn’t it a unique case of remote-control governance? What more, deadly designs direct these youths to kill their co-religionists in mosques!

Believers are being killed by the believers. So is it safe to assume that the devotees at Akshardam temple were gunned down by their co-religionists? Or should we conclude that the 7/11 train blasts were the handiwork of Hindus? What would be the reaction of the Hindu mass, if we extend believers versus believers theory in the Varanasi temple blast?

Investigators who are relying heavily on SIM card registration must know that today’s hi-tech terrorists are smart enough not to leave any thick trail of evidence. And fabricating documents is not a big deal these days as has been shown by many investigative reports by various newspapers. So why would terrorists register SIM cards in their real names? Therefore, SIM card registration in a Muslim name may be an attempt to disguise the investigators.

Time is ripe for India to come out of its conditioned mentality. Investigators must break their mental blocks. Indian law enforcement agencies suffer from the fatal disease of prejudice. India is once again going through the ‘siege within’ phase. Today’s India is reminiscent of the 1980s when it was being torn apart by sectarian violence. ULFA and Maoists are threatening the entire North-East. Naxalite movement and Peoples’ War Group (PWG) have become a household name in South India. The North-West shudders at the mention of police encounters. In the North, Kashmir narrates an all together different story.

So, internal vigilance is more important than the external outlook. India’s lop-sided policy is obsessed with the external element only. As M.J. Akbar wrote, “Vigilance needs three eyes, only one of which looks across the border. Two must look within.”

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