Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sach is Life

Dying to shed: Such a thin life!
India’s thinning industry just got fatter. Ms Sach - a very good friend and a part of my extended family - shed an outrageous 16kgs thus depositing all those flabbiness in the thinning-Patna-vault; making the Indian thin-business fatty by some thousands. I am yet to see her; but if I see her through my rose-coloured spectacles the view that emerges in sight is of a Bihari bombshell with a made in Patna tag! It happened over a fortnight ago as a result of her slim sensation paving way for a slender Sach. It seems that the Indian physique has just discovered the western virtue of slimming. I am no body-historian but before you accuse of dividing the world in the two blocks; West and East, let me tell you that I haven’t come across any historical fact which suggests slimming as an eastern innovation.

India’s men, women and in-betweens have been possessed by the thin mania. That explains the emergence of a new India whose urban population is as buoyant as Sen-sex. Being fat has its own advantages; you can convert your tummy into a globe thus explaining geography to your near and dear ones. Or at times you can convert your obesity into a comfy couch for your little tots. When stuck in the crowd, it may act as a squeezing machine.

These days’ people spend hours in fully-equipped gymnasiums to flatten their ballooned trunks. It’s not only Bollywood babes who are conscious of a flat torso; even fat cats of today’s corporate world are going for a lean look. Remember Anil Ambani weighing 105kgs while Tina was half the size of her husband.

This thin trend is threatening the very existence of thin souls like me who are having a thin time thinking the future of human species. For one day it might get thinned in this thin-process!

But the thin truth is this:

Gain some, lose some, Sach is life.


Chitra said...

Hi Mubasshir,

Nice article
well i can completly understand coz being a thin soul myself tryin hard to put ......on the other hand my friends dying to lose fat....
end of the day being healthy and stayin fit is all that matters....
have a nice day....

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Anonymous said...
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devsheel (The Authour) said...

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